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Fluid Feedthroughs

FCW Series - Fluid UHV Feedthroughs

The FCW series feedthroughs provide for liquid transfer into UHV systems. Although they are capable of operation at cryogenic temperatures, they are designed for liquid and gas use at or above room temperature.

Standard FCW feedthroughs are supplied with 1.33" OD or 2.75" OD mounting flanges. Single or dual tubes are available in 1/4" OD or 3/8" OD with Swagelok™ fittings.

FLN Series - Fluid UHV Feedthroughs

The FLN series feedthroughs provide for cryogenic and heated liquid transfer into UHV systems. All incorporate a thermal barrier design.

FLN Fluid UHV Feedthroughs
Model Flange OD Number of Tubes Tube OD
FLN-133-1 1.33" OD 1 1/4"
FLN-133-2 1.33" OD 2 1/8"
FLN-275-1 2.75" OD 1 3/8"
FLN-275-2 2.75" OD 2 3/8"
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