RC Series 3kW e-Guns™

Thermionics research capacity series, 3 kW e-Guns, provides enhanced beam stability and efficient XY sweep with full crucible coverage.  The plug-in emitter and sweep coil assemblies make the e-Gun source easier to service.  Available in single, linear, rotary and rod-fed models.

HC Series 6kW+ e-Guns™

The HC series e-Gun™ evaporation source delivers superior results in demanding production coating applications.  The large crucible volume permits long, uninterrupted evaporation runs.  Available in single, linear, rotary and rod-fed models.

IC Series 15kW e-Guns™

Thermionics’ ICR e-Gun™ is available with capacity up to 1500cc in a carousel configuration as pictured here or as a multi-pocket e-Gun™ with up to 10 each 75cc crucibles.

Hanks HM²™ e-Gun™

Our High-Efficiency Hanks HM² e-Guns provide patented and award winning modular magnet beam focusing system with enhanced beam collimation, eliminating beam curl.

Crucible Liners

Thermionics Crucible liners come in a variety of sizes and materials including: Copper, Molybdenum, Tantalum and Tungsten

Resistive Evaporation Source

Resistive evaporation offers a simple and economical alternative to vacuum coating. Thermionics RES-200-2 high current feedthroughs are designed to hold both filament- and boat-type elements. A wide range of filaments and boats are available allowing most materials to be evaporated by this process.