Hanks HM² e-Gun™

Our High-Efficiency Hanks HM² e-Guns provide patented and award winning modular magnet beam focusing system with enhanced beam collimation, eliminating beam curl.

4-Pocket e-Gun - Thumb


  • Optimized emitter and sweep coil assemblies
  • 0-200 Hz sweep, repeatable, uniform evaporation, no "tunneling"
  • Precise and stable evaporation rates as low as 1-2 A/sec
  • 35% smaller than traditional evaporation sources with equivalent volume, evaporation rate and power capacity
  •  Available in HV [2x10-9 Torr] and UHV [2x10-11 Torr]
  • Ideal for sequential or co-evaporation
  • Power Supplies, Crucible Liners and other Accessories available


  • 6-20 kW --- 7cc to 156cc crucible volumes
  • Triad™ --- 3 crucible source (as pictured)
  • Twin™ --- 2 crucible source
  • Single --- 1 crucible source
  • Hydra™ --- Multiple Crucibles and emitters available for simultaneous / sequential evaporation per your specifications.

Hanks HM² e-Guns are manufactured and protected under one or more of the following patents: 4,835,789; 4,891,821; 4,947,404

Hanks HM2 Hydra e-Gun™

The Hydra design consists of a compact array of crucibles and electron emitters which translate linearly with respect to each other to provide for the co-deposition of up to six different materials simultaneously.


The Hydra configuration's efficient utilization of space, four different combinations of six crucibles, up to forty-two permutations of two-metal combinations, are available for co-deposition in a single vacuum pumpdown.

The Hydra eliminates adjacent source interactions without complex beam directions and bulky field shunting components. Thus, the design allows close source proximity for uniform coating and material interaction. Additionally, individual water cooling for each source prevents steam build-up and the inclusion of separate sweep coils for each source and promotes the total independence of the operation parameters of each source from the adjacent source.

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Co-Evaporation Technology:

  • Single Array—5 crucibles, 1-3 emitters
  • Dual Array—10 crucibles, 2-6 emitters


Maximum Power 10 kW 15 kW
Crucible volume 10/15 cc 40 cc
Emission voltage 10 kV 10 kV
Emission current 0 to 1.0 A 0 to 1.5 A
Filament 700 W 700 W
E-beam deflection 220° 220°
Beam spot size  .25" diameter .25" diameter
Evaporation rate  
(for aluminum)
1 gm/min at 10 kW 
3.6 microns at 25 cm
1.5 gm/min at 15 kW 
50,000 Å min
X and Y sweep Hyper-Unimelt Sweep (0-200 Hz) Hyper-Unimelt sweep (0-200 Hz)
Water 3.0 gpm/crucible,
common return (up to 30 gpm)
3.0 gpm/crucible,
common return (up to 30 gpm)
Crucible material OFE copper  OFE copper 
Bakeout temp 230°C (446°F) 230°C (446°F)
e-Gun size--single array 6.25" x 5.5" x 15" 6.25" x 5.75" x 15"
e-Gun size--double array 6.25" x 11" x 15" 6.25" x 11.5" x 15"

Power Supplies:

For 10 kW model: 6kW+ e-Gun™ Power Supply

For 15 kW model: 15kW e-Gun™ Power Supply  (bottom of page)