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FM Series

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FM Series


FM Series XYZ Compound Manipulator

The FM series XYZ compound precision manipulators utilize two bellows – a large I.D. short bellows to provide the XY motion and a smaller I.D. bellows for Z axis travel – providing considerable savings over single large I.D. bellows systems.

The FM series combines the XY stage from the FB manipulator series with the Z stage from the EMT precision translators.  The FM series is available with horizontal mounting packages with custom-rated counterbalance springs to maintain “instrument” positioning. The Z stage can be separated from the XY stage. 


The FM series compound precision manipulators are XYZ units utilizing two bellows.  XY bellows I.D.’s of 2.5″, 3″ and 4″ are standard, with inside diameters to 6.3″ I.D. possible. These units are available with ±0.5″ or ±1″ of X an Y travel. They can be supplied with Z travel of up to 36″ or more, with Z bellows I.D.’s of 1.39″ and 1.87″ standard. 

A non-rotating tubular probe can also be provided with a stabilizing linear bearing at the base of the Z stage. This results in a more stable probe assembly, with a shorter effective “lever arm”.

This probe option provides a centerless, ground, hollow, stainless steel tube extending through the center of the manipulator bellows. This probe is mounted to the traveling flange with a double-sided flange and can be easily removed for equipment installation. This tube is stabilized by a stainless steel linear bearing mounted at the base of the Z travel system. This bearing dramatically improves the stability of the probe.

In addition, differentially pumped rotary seals can be fitted to these manipulators. They provide an additional degree of rotary freedom for the customers’ equipment. The probe bearing can be modified to allow probe polar rotation as well as polar axis linear travel. This system provides an excellent method of utility delivery without utility line motion in a vacuum.


X & Y Axes

  • ±0.5″ or ±1″ X and Y travel, circular pattern, standard
  • Preloaded micrometer-to-stage coupling,
  • 0.0001″ micrometer divisions large drum dial micrometers (metric micrometers optional)
  • All XY bearings adjustable

Z Axis

  • 2″ to 36″ Z travel
  • Gearbox Acme drive, 0.100″/turn (10 turns/inch)
  • 0.001″ divisions, preloaded lead screw and worm shaft
  • Position lock
  • Extended backframe

Base Flange

  • 6″ O. D. UHV base flange

Traveling Flange

  • 2.75″ O. D. traveling flange


  • Hardened stainless steel bearings and guide rods throughout
  • Maximum bakeout temperature: 200°C








Z 0.0005″ <0.0005″ 0.0005″ 0.0007″ Knob Adjust
X-Y 0.0001″ <0.0001″ <0.00015″ <0.00015″ Large Micrometer

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