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HM2-Hydra, Multiple emitter, multiple crucible, static

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Article about the
synthesis of high-quality thin films of multi-cation


HM2-Hydra, Multiple emitter, multiple crucible, static


Thermionics’ Static 4x 40cc Hydra™ UHV e-Gun™ Specifications

Patents: 4,835,789; 4,891,291; 4,947,404

· Operate six (6) different materials simultaneously (additional crucible designs available upon request)

· All metal-sealed, fully UHV compatible, measured base pressure: 2×10-11 Torr.

· Hydra eliminates adjacent source interaction

· Patented magnetic design allows close source proximity for uniform coating and material interaction

· Each crucible source is independtely water cooled to prevent steam buildup

· Each source crucible has seperate sweep coils, insuring the independent operation integrity of each source, eliminating cross talk inference from adjacent sources

· Removable crucible chimney design for easy cleaning of deposition buildup

· H2O cooled emitter baseplate and crucible

· Available in 10kW or 15kW

· Crucible volume sizes: 10cc, 15cc, 40cc, (custom sizes available by request)

· 270° beam deflection, filament enclosure isolates any particulate exposure

· Dynamic crucible design available

· Easy emitter assembly removal design

· Thermionics’ Hyper-Unimelt Sweep design (optimum control on low or high rates)

· Horizontal and vertical source flange mount designs available


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