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Hollow Linear Feedthroughs

Thermionics’ FLMH series is a all metal, metal-sealed linear motion push-pull feedthrough, using welded bellows and stainless steel linear bearings with a CF133 mini-flange and hollow-shaft.  All manual units are bakeable to 200°C fully assembled. Higher bakeouts may be used with partial disassembly. These feedthroughs are also available with a number of custom options.

FLMH-275-50-6-cleaned - Thumb2

FLMH-275-50 Series

  • 1/2″ O.D. support tube
  • Open through unit – 1.33″ O.D. flange
  • 2.75″ O.D. mounting flange
  • Up to 16″ linear travel
  • Push-pull linear (12 lb max. force)
  • Adjustable position stop and lock


FLMH-275-50 Series – Reverse Flange

  • 1.33″ O.D. flange mounted on vacuum side
  • Liquid or gas feedthrough to mini-flange in vacuum


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