Thermionics Crucible liners come in a variety of sizes and materials including: Copper, Molybdenum, Tantalum and Tungsten

Thermionics e-Gun™ sweep controllers provide flexible control in deposition processes by enabling precise control of beam placement.  We offer standard and programmable controllers and a deposition monitor.

Thermionics’ Auto Indexers provides multiple crucible sequencing and positioning in our rotary and linear e-Gun models.

Resistive evaporation offers a simple and economical alternative to vacuum coating. Thermionics RES-200-2 high current feedthroughs are designed to hold both filament- and boat-type elements. A wide range of filaments and boats are available allowing most materials to be evaporated by this process.

From guide rails to dual filament emitters we can provide what you need to optimize your e-Gun™ application.

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