New, RCCS series Compact e-Gun™ Source  

Our RCCS series compact e-Gun™ source protects the emitter from damage and shorting during installation and service. The H2O cooling system enhances heat transfer, thus increases rate stability and prevents damage to the e-beam source. This compact source is designed for easy installation.

Compact Source - Medium


  • 3 kW (-5 kV max) e-Gun source
  • Completely shielded emitter
  • High Vacuum (HV) and Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) compatible
  • Low outgassing
  • High purity evaporation for thin films and other high-precision deposition applications.
  • No beam sweep, designed for metallic materials
  • Source shutter (pneumatic or manual) and HV feedthroughs
  • Direct replacement of K-cell Port Flanges
  • Crucible viewing channel
  • Compact Source can be transformed into a rod-fed source

Technical Data

  • Mounting flange: 4.5" O.D. CF flange or 6" O.D. CF flange
  • Crucible capacity: 2.24 cc or 4 cc
  • Filament type: W wire
  • Maximum bakeout temperature: 230°C (446°F)
  • Operating pressure: Below 5 x 10-5 Torr is desirable for best operation
  • E-beam deflection: 270°
  • High voltage: -5 kV
  • Beam voltage: 4,000 VDC
  • Beam current: 0-750 mA continuously variable
  • H2O requirements: one (1) gpm (min.) @ 16°C (60°F)
  • Pressure differential: 25 psi min.

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