Magnetically-coupled Linear-Rotary Feedthroughs

The FLLRE series magnetically coupled feedthrough offers exceptional linear-rotary motion for sample introduction and transfer.  The small magnetic driver package provides more than 150 oz-in torque and four lbs of linear force.  The inside traveler has no magnets, but it is made of magnetically permeable material.


FLLRE-275 Series

  • 3/8" and 1/2" O.D. probe sizes
  • 2.75" O.D. mounting flange
  • Up to 36" stroke (1/2" O.D. probe model)
  • Mechanical torque limit: 150 oz-in
  • Linear force: 4 lbs
  • Eight all stainless steel bearings
  • 200°C bakeout (magnetic drive removed)
  • Removeable neodynium iron boron magnetic drive

Remote Rotary Operation (option)


  • Linear and rotary actuation can be performed from several feet away
  • Allows practical single operator sample transfer



Dual Axis Adjust Stage (option)

  • Micrometer actuated dual axis support for end of feedthrough
  • Adjusts angular position ±5°
  • 1.5" ID bellows-sealed tilt at mounting flange
  • 2.75" OD mounting flange on tilt
  • Maximum bakeout temp: 200°C 


All Position Lock

  • Independent position lock for linear and rotary shafts

EZ Transfer

  • Includes ball bearings and linear ball bushings to increase tactile feedback
  • Does not include position locks
  • Includes linear driver magnet

Force Packages

  • Linear Magnet Driver - Adds 11 lbs linear force
  • Rotary Magnet Driver - Adds 150 oz-in torque

Mounting Flanges (replacing 2.75")

  • 3.38", 4.50", 6.00"

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