Linear-Rotary Feedthroughs

The FRLC series utilized a micrometer to provide precision linear motion input and rotary input with 1° graduates and 0.1° resolution. 

The FLLRE series magnetically coupled feedthrough offers exceptional linear-rotary motion for sample introduction and transfer. The small magnetic driver package provides more than 150 oz-in torque and four lbs of linear force.

The MCLR Series linear-rotary feedthrough offers precise and smooth rotary motion for sample introduction and transfer utilizing a 3/4″ linear support tube and a rotary bearing in the tip to guide the 1/4″ rotary probe. 

The RPLR series of linear-rotary feedthroughs uses a 3/4″ diameter probe actuated by a rack and pinion positive drive.  The independent rotary actuation is achieved by a second rotary feedthrough.  

The FLRM series of linear-rotary feedthroughs provide linear motion is push-pull against the pressure differential (12 lbs. maximum) and an FRM-133-25 rotary feedthrough mounted on the axis of the 1/2″ tube.

Thermionics High-Vacuum Push-Pull Linear-Rotary Feedthrough provides a cost effective solution for applications not requiring Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) specifications.

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