XYZ Manipulator

Thermionics offers a wide range of XYZ manipulators utilizing welded bellows to fit your precision, payload and budget requirements.

Linear (Z) Translators

Thermionics Linear Translators are single axis positioning devices, utilizing a bellows as a vacuum seal, also referred to as a “Z only” stage.

XY Manipulator

The XY stage provides the X and Y axes only.  A Z axis may be added as a separate unit depending on the application.

RNN™ Rotary Seals

RNN™ series differentially pumped rotary seals provide 360° of continuous rotary freedom.  The RNN has two stages of differential pumping isolated by graphite-impregnated, expanded, Teflon seals on special sealing surfaces.

Tilt Stage

Tilt stages allow a precise angle alignment to be established (and repeated) between two flanges. 

Feedthrough Hats

Thermionics' RFH Feedthrough Hats deliver an entire utility package axially through a probe support tube as assembly to the sample head.

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