Linear (Z) Translators

What are Linear Translators?

Linear Translators are a single axis positioning devices utilizing a bellows as a vacuum seal.  It is also referred to as a “Z only” stage. This axis is normally perpendicular to the chamber. This causes the Z axis to work directly against the force from the pressure differential.

The FBT series translators accommodates 3.00″ and 4.00″ I.D. bellows, up-to 36″ stroke and up to 75 pounds of payload capacity.

The ETC series translators accommodates 5.75″, 6.00″, and 7.75″ I.D. clearance, up-to 6″ stroke and up to 45 pounds of payload capacity.  Employing three lead screws and three precision-ground stainless steel guide rods the ETC provides superior mechanical support, especially where space is restricted.

Thimble jacking stages are ideal for precision linear probe positioning of distances less than 2″. Thimble jacking stages are precision linear motion devices with a clear bore flange/bellows assembly.  A knurled acme screw threaded collar actuates the linear drive. 

Z Series Translator accommodates 1.53″, 1.87″, and 2.50″ I.D. bellows, up-to 12″ stroke and up to 15 pounds of payload capacity.

ZB series translators accommodates 1.53″, 1.87″, and 2.50″ I.D. bellows, up-to 24″ stroke and up to 25 pounds of payload capacity.

ZC series translators accommodates 1.53″, 1.87″, 2.50″, and 4.0″ I.D. bellows, up-to 72″ stroke and up to 50 pounds of payload capacity.

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