FBT Series Precision Linear Translators

FBT series translators provide single-axis (Z only) motion. The units offer unparalleled mechanical support for customer payloads. They are available with bellows I.D.s of 3"–8". Standard base and traveling flange sizes are 6" O.D., with tapped or clearance holes, as required. Other flange diameters available. Options include 3-lead screw version for extra-heavy payloads (to 200 lbs.) and 10" O.D. base flange for horizontal mounting. The Z drive is an acme screw with a precision 4:1 gearbox. The stage position is indicated to 0.001" divisions.



  • Super rigid 5-sided box construction
  • Hardened stainles steel bearings and guide rods throughout
  • All bearings adjustable
  • Wide spacing (7" to 9") on all guide rods
  • Wide spacing (6") of bearings on rods
  • Maximum bakeout temperature: 200°C


Z Axis

  • 2" to 36"+ Z travel
  • 4:1 worm acme gearbox drive
  • 0.050"/turn (20 turns/inch)
  • 0.001" divisions
  • preloaded lead screw and worm shaft
  • position lock

Base Flange:  4.5", 6" (standard), 8" or 10" O.D. base flange

Traveling Flange:  4.5", 6" (standard)

Motion Specifications

  • Resolution <0.0002" (0.0005 mm)
  • Repeatability <0.0005" (0.013 mm)
  • Backlash <0.0008" (0.020 mm)


3-Lead Screws

  • 3 acme screw support to traveling flange
  • Used for increased payload requirements
  • Used for long Z stroke application
  • Z drive anti-backlash coupling available on all drives

Lifting Package

  • Stainless steel lifting eyes
  • Custom sling assembly (upon request)
  • Suitable for up to 200 lb systems

Lifting Handles

Motorization: /MS Stepping or /MY Synchronous

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