JS Series Thimble Jacking Stage

Thimble jacking stages are precision linear motion devices with a clear bore flange/bellows assembly. A knurled Acme screw threaded collar actuates the linear drive. The top flange slides up and down on three stainless steel guide pins maintaining a ridged mount.


Thimble jacking stages are ideal for precision linear probe positioning of distances less than 2". Rotating the Acme screw threaded collar jacks the top flange with a range of one or two inches. One rotation of the Acme threaded collar moves the top flange 0.1" (0.001" per gradation).

  • 2.75" O.D. rotatable top flange
  • 2.75" O.D. base flange
  • 1.39" I.D. bellows
  • Bakeable to 200°C
  • 0.001" resolution per gradation
  • Available with optional guide bearing

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