ZB Series Linear Translator

ZB series translators provide single axis (Z only) motion. They are calibrated in 0.001" increments with 0.100" travel per turn with a coarse side scale.

ZB series translators are available with three different bellows I.D.s.  The standard base (stationary) flange is 2.75" O.D., with large O.D.s optional (required on longer travel units). 


The traveling flange is 2.75" O.D. Both flanges are supplied tapped as standard, but we can supply clearance holes with appropriate neck assemblies to accommodate those applications which require it.  The 2.75" and 4.5" O.D. flanges are rigidly attached to the traveling and base structure in a special way.  The "Super Grip System" holds the flange about its perimeter by means of a tongue and groove, providing positive, rigid attachment with the greatest lever arm possible.  The flange (and thus the bolt pattern) is adjustable to any orientation.

  • Up-to 24" Z Travel
  • Gearbox Acme drive, 0.100"/turn, 10 turns/inch, 0.001" divisions, position lock
  • 1.53", 1.87", or 2.5" I.D. bellows
  • Hardened stainless steel Z guide rods
  • Bakeable to 200°C fully assembled
  • Stainless steel only material exposed to vacuum
  • Stepper and Synchronous Motor Options Available 

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