FB series XYZ manipulator

FB series XYZ manipulators provide large I.D. bellows and the mechanical strength required for significant payloads. Bellows I.D.s of 3" and 4" are standard, with inside diameters to 6.3" I.D. possible.


The FB series can be ordered in the standard cantilever model or with the 3-lead screw option. The cantilever model has an 80 lb. payload rating in the vertical oreientation, and the 3-lead screw model has a 200 lb. payload rating.

The FB series is available with horizontal mounting packages with custom-rated counterbalance springs to maintain "instrument" positioning.

Differentially pumped rotary seals provide an additional degree of rotary freedom for customers' equipment at full bellows I.D.


X & Y Axes

  • ±0.5" or ±1" X and Y travel, circular pattern, standard
  • Preloaded micrometer-to-stage coupling, 0.0001" micrometer divisions
  • Large drum dial micrometers standard (metric micrometers optional)

Z Axis

  • 2" to 36" Z travel
  • 4:1 worm Acme gearbox drive, 0.050"/turn (20 turns/inch)
  • 0.001" divisions
  • preloaded lead screw and worm shaft
  • position lock

Base Flange

  • 4.5", 6", 8" or 10" O.D. 

Traveling Flange

  • 4.5", 6", or 8" O.D. traveling flange


  • Super rigid 5-sided box construction
  • Hardened stainless steel bearings and guide rods throughout
  • All bearings adjustable
  • Wide spacing (7" to 9") on all guide rods
  • Wide spacing (6") of bearings on rods
  • Maximum bakeout temperature: 300°C with micrometers attached


Axis Micrometer
Resolution Repeatability Backlash Adjustment
Z 0.0005" <0.0005" 0.0005" 0.0007" Knob Adjust
X-Y 0.0001" <0.0001" <0.00015" <0.00015" Large Micrometer

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