ZC Series Linear Translator

The ZC linear translator features a high precision, stainless steel, linear way bearing assembly for the Z-guide structure. The ZC also features turnbuckle gussets for minor deflection correction. The ZC series backframe is constructed of 6061 aluminum structural channels. The channel design provides structural rigidity and a small footprint.



  • Up-to 72" Z travel
  • 4:1 worm drive gearbox, 0.050"/turn, 20 turns/inch, 0.001" divisions
  • Acme drive (ball screw drive optional for higher precision)
  • 1.53" to 4.0" I.D. bellows available
  • 2.75" to 6.00" O.D. base flange
  • High precision linear way bearings (car and rail)
  • Backframe constructed of aluminum structural channel
  • Adjustable turnbuckle gussets
  • Stainless steel only material exposed to vacuum
  • All position operation
  • Can be mounted to XY stage
  • Maximum bakeout temperature: 200Ā°C
  • Stepper and Synchronous Motor Options AvailableĀ 

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