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Goniometers & Gearboxes

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Goniometers & Gearboxes


Goniometers & Gearboxes

A goniometer head permits precision sample positioning and alignment motion at the sample location. Installation of a goniometer head enables. rotations, translations and flip movements supplied with various accuracies. Sample faces can be held on axis, allowing a single sample site to be investigated during a change of angle. Virtual axis goniometers allow unobstructed surface access for glancing angle studies. Many of our gearboxes are designed to rotate the sample continuously during deposition, ablation or for other growth processing requirements.

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All goniometer and precision gearboxes are suitable for UHV use, and are manufactured with stainless steel construction, anti-backlash spring-loaded gearing and can be fitted with heating, cooling and sample transfer options.  Please see our download section below for examples we have designed and delivered.

We have found most applications are unique and usually part of a larger UHV configuration.  As such we request you download and complete our manipulator worksheet and email it to

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We will get back to you within 24 hours to begin the design of your manipulator solution.

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