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Research & Development Environments


Research & Development Environments

The Industry

Linear particle accelerators are specialized machines that speed up charged subatomic particles or ions by exposing them to a series of alternating electric potentials along a straight path. These devices can be used to produce X-rays and high-energy electrons crucial in radiation therapy for medical treatments. They can also act as particle injectors for more powerful accelerators and achieve the highest speeds for light particles, like electrons and positrons, essential in particle physics. 

Our Contribution

Collaborating closely with the particle accelerator community, we’ve tackled various specialized challenges, especially in the realm of beam diagnostics. Our ability to swiftly and competitively tailor our products makes them suitable for a wide array of applications. We ensure our solutions align seamlessly with the facility’s specific wiring and communication requirements.

Some instances include:

  • Custom motor, encoder and wiring options suitable for Diamond window detectors, YAG screen scintillator and wire scanners
  • High precision beam shaping devices with high-reliability actuation suitable for heavy assemblies
  • Magnet Core Reset Devices with reliable, long-life actuation and precise operation
  • Magnet Core Reset Devices suitable for rapidly driving a cam and detector assembly
  • Beam Filters (Attenuators) suitable for water-cooled filter assemblies and standard attenuators


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