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Materials & Cryogenic Science


Materials & Cryogenic Science

The Industry: Cryogenics, a branch of physics, deals with extremely low temperatures. It utilizes liquefied gasses like liquid nitrogen and helium, stored in specialized containers called Dewar flasks. These super-cold temperatures find diverse applications: from vital roles in medical MRI technology and enhancing power transmission through superconductors, to practical uses like preserving large quantities of food for extended periods or recycling rubber. Additionally, cryogenics supports advanced manufacturing processes by increasing tool life and aids experimental research in physics, allowing scientists to observe specific phenomena. Its impact also extends to rocket propulsion, making it a fundamental technology in scientific research and various practical applications.

Our Contributions: In cryogenic and surface science research, maintaining secure sample transfer, precise temperature control, and accurate manipulation during analysis are paramount. We offer a variety of sample transfer devices compatible with ultra-high vacuum (UHV) conditions. These devices ensure contamination-free and interference-free analysis. Some of these offerings include:

  • Modular sample manipulators which can be configured to meet specific application requirements
  • Secure sample transfer with high-performance magnetically-coupled transfer arms
  • Slimline magnetically-coupled modular wobble sticks up to 350mm in standard lengths
  • High precision sample manipulation stages that can be configured with a range of options for X, Y, Z and sample rotations

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