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We Specialize in ultra-high vacuum equipment

From UHV parts to custom systems, Thermionics Laboratory Inc. is your one-stop-shop for all your UHV needs. Need precision cleaning? We do that too! Explore our available products or request-a-quote today!

Ultra-High Vacuum Parts & Systems

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Precision cleaning removes contaminants such as particles, fibers, oils, and greases, resulting in a surface so clean it must be validated on a microscopic level.

Passivation, consisting of immersion of stainless steel parts in a nitric or citric acid solution without oxidizing salts, dissolves the embedded metal and preserves the initial corrosion-resistant coating by creating a thin, translucent oxide film.

Helium leak detectors are used in the quality control of production parts such as medical devices, hydraulic lines, condensers, radiators, manifolds, fuel lines, fittings, and COPV tanks.

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We specializes in engineering and designing complete UHV systems to your exact requirements.