Z Series

Z Series Translator

Z Series Translator accommodates  1.87″ I.D. bellows, up-to 12″ stroke and up to 15 pounds of payload capacity.

  • Z series translators provide single axis (Z only) motion. They are calibrated in 0.001″ increments with 0.100″ travel per turn with a coarse side scale. They are available with three different bellows I.D.’s. They are available with 2.75″ O.D. and 4.50″ O.D. base and travel flanges. The standard configurations are supplied with clearance base and tapped travel flanges,  but we can supply any combination of clearance and tapped flanges to accommodate those applications which require it.


  • 1.53″, 1.87″, or 2.5″ I.D. bellows
  • Hardened stainless steel Z guide rods
  • Bakeable to 200°C fully assembled
  • Stainless steel only material exposed to vacuum

Z Axis

  • 2″ to 12″ Z travel, gearbox Acme drive (other strokes may be available for specific applications)
  • 0.100″/turn, 10 turns/inch
  • 0.001″ divisions, position lock


  • Base flange, clearance
  • Traveling flange, tapped
  • consult factory for other configurations