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Semi Conductor Capital Equipment


Semi Conductor Capital Equipment

The Industry

The semiconductor fabrication industry focuses on creating semiconductor devices, primarily integrated circuits like computer processors and memory chips found in everyday electronic devices. This intricate process involves multiple steps, including photolithography, thermal oxidation, thin-film deposition, and ion-implantation, all performed on a wafer made of single-crystal semiconducting material, usually silicon. Automated systems handle the transport of wafers, maintaining a pristine internal atmosphere. This meticulous process ensures the creation of high-performance electronic components powering our modern technology.

Our Contributions

We provide a wide selection of specialized equipment designed to meet the specific needs of semiconductor manufacturing processes. Our products play a crucial role in producing advanced integrated circuits and electronic components. Our offerings include:

  • Deposition Chambers: State-of-the-art deposition chambers equipped with advanced techniques such as chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and physical vapor deposition (PVD), enabling the precise deposition of thin films onto wafers.
  • Wafer Handling Solutions: Innovative robotic handling systems and wafer transfer tools that guarantee contamination-free transport of wafers within the fabrication environment.
  • Plasma Processing Systems: Specialized plasma processing equipment for plasma etching and plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD), enabling the modification of material properties at the nanoscale level.

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