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Thin Film Deposition


DEPOSITION Selfassembly Organic Semiconductor Trixler LMU

Thin Film Deposition

The Industry

Thin film deposition is a specialized process used to layer materials atom by atom or molecule by molecule onto a solid surface. This occurs within a vacuum chamber, where pressure is significantly lower than the atmosphere. These layers can be incredibly thin, even just one atom thick, or thicker, forming coatings up to angstroms and millimeters. Various methods, like thermal evaporation or sputtering, create these layers. The process is vital in producing items like electrical circuits, solar cells, anti-reflective coatings, and even reflective mirrors, enhancing a wide range of applications in our daily lives.

Our Contribution

Since 1958, Thermionics Laboratories Inc. has advanced thin film physical vapor deposition (PVD) equipment through its innovative designs and close collaboration with research scientists across the world. Our expertise shines through the hundreds of tools we’ve supplied to top global research institutions. With a team of dedicated specialists in engineering, design, and the application of vacuum technology, we have unparalleled knowledge in this crucial field.

Recognizing the significance of tailoring tools to meet researchers’ specific needs, we’ve curated a diverse range of capabilities.

These include:

  • Single pocket and multi-pocket electron beam sources with reliable solid-state power supplies for directional evaporation creating zero step coverage conditions
  • Electron beam sources with magnetic “capturing” of stray secondary electron emission to reduce substrate heating and damage to the photoresist
  • Electron beam source beam-sweep for efficient utilization of evaporant material
  • Long source-substrate distance vacuum chambers to ensure zero step coverage
  • DC power supplies for magnetron sputtering – ideal for deposition of alloy materials

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