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RCF Series 3 kW Single Crucible Linear e-Guns™

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RCF Series 3 kW Single Crucible Linear e-Guns™


RCF Series 3 kW Single Crucible Linear e-Guns™

Thermionics research capacity RCF series single crucible e-Gun™ provides enhanced beam stability and efficient XY sweep with full crucible coverage. The included plug-in emitter and sweep coil assemblies make the e-Gun source easier to service.

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  • True XY sweep with full crucible coverage
  • Sweep coils included with source
  • Enhanced beam collimation
  • Plug-in emitter module
  • Enhanced high-stability cooling
  • Cross-contamination shielding
  • Rugged design


Feature Specifications
Operating Below 5 x 10-5 Torr is desirable for best operation
Beam Voltage 4,000 VDC
Beam Current 0–750 mA
continuously variable
Maximum Power 3 kW
Cooling Water 1.5 gpm
Pressure Differential 25 psi minimum
Maximum Bakeout
230°C (446°F)
Crucible Volume 2.24 cc

Mounting Configurations

Each e-Gun is available in three standard mounting configurations:

  • e-Gun mounted on a PyraFlat or ConFlat metal-seal type flange, which uses a standard OFE copper gasket
  • e-Gun with a 1″ diameter bolt-type mount, which mounts through a 1″ diameter hole, and is sealed by a compression O-ring
  • e-Gun alone with no mounting flange

Please specify the mounting configuration at the time the order is placed; the costs may not include the bolt-type or flange-type mount.

Other mounting flanges, configurations and geometries are routinely supplied, please call the factory for further information.

Ordering Information

Model No. Description
RCF0301 Single crucible e-Gun source with sweep coils

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