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Faraday Cups

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Faraday Cups


AC-3/FD-1 Faraday Cup with Linear Actuator Assembly

Typically used as a remotely removable Faraday Cup in a charged particle accelerator beamline.


  • 3″ travel, bellows sealed
  • 6″ O.D. flange, mounted
  • 1/2″ diameter actuator shaft
  • “In” position adjustable ±0.25″ in two axes
  • Actuator reproducibility less than 0.010″
  • Air operated, electro-pneumatic valve installed
  • 400 W maximum power (with optional ceramic wire insulation, Teflon® normally supplied)
  • With secondary electron suppression ring
  • Tantalum cup, face shield and screw covers to minimize induced activation
  • “Signal” and “B-” BNC feedthroughs
  • Mounting flange face to cup centerline (in position) distance: 5.31″ (standard 4″ tee or cross suitable as operating chamber)
  • Cables not included.


FD-0.4 Faraday Cup Assembly


  • Maximum active area: 1 cm diameter
  • Cup face plate drilled per customer requirements
  • Tantalum face and cup lining
  • With secondary electron suppression ring
  • Stainless steel, tantalum and alumina construction
  • 1/4″ shaft mount, orientation per customer requirements
  • Requires two electrical connections (HV and signal)