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IC Series 15 kW e-Guns™

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IC Series 15kW e-Guns™

Thermionics’ ICR e-Gun™ is available with capacity up to 1500cc in a carousel configuration as pictured here or as a multi-pocket e-Gun™ with up to 10 each 75cc crucibles.



  • True XY sweep with full crucible coverage
  • Proprietary anti-beam curl shield for longer more productive runs.
  • Rugged drive mechanism to prevent jamming
  • Plug-in emitter module
  • Enhanced high-stability cooling
  • Built in cross-contamination shielding (multi-pocket version)
  • Easy access (without disassembly) to magnetic adjustments
  • Optional increased run-time features: differential pumping, gas bleed and dual filaments


  • Operating pressure:  Below 5 x 10-5 Torr is desirable for best operation
  • Beam voltage:  10,000 VDC
  • Beam current:  0-1500 mA continuously variable
  • Maximum power:  15 kW
  • Cooling water:  3.5 gpm
  • Pressure differential:  25 psi minimum
  • Maximum bakeout temperature:  130°C
  • Crucible volume:  Up to 1500cc Carousel or up to 10 x 75cc multipocket

12 kW Power Supply

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Additional information

Pocket Orientation

Single Crucible 1172cc carousel, 9 Pocket 75cc Crucible, 9 Pocket 100cc Crucible, 10 Pocket 75cc Crucible, Combo (Banana & 4 Pocket)

Bottom or Side Drive

Bottom, Side

Sweep Coil

UHV Sweep Coil