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Sample Mounting & Transfer

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Sample Mounting & Transfer


SMR Sample Mounts

Thermionics sample mounts provide platen-based support for customer samples, interfacing with the supporting structures (rod, gearbox, etc.) as well as heating and cooling options, providing mechanical support for the sample.  All standard sample mounts provide the following:

  • Removable platen
  • Clip sample restraint
  • Electrically-isolated platen

SMR-1 Sample Mount

  • 3/8″ shaft or gearbox mounting
  • “0” sample face offset to 4″ offset, per customer requirements
  • Sample orientation per customer requirements
  • 1″ diameter sample area, 1.4″ diameter sample plate
  • Clip sample mount
  • Removable sample plate, electrically-isolated

*** SMR shown with 1″ sample heater, LN2 cooling, electrical isolation and GB-7 gearbox


STLC Sample Transfer System

The patented STLC sample transfer system provides researchers and experimenters with versatility not found in other sample handling systems. Samples can be transferred in-vacuum from chamber to chamber, across the laboratory, between facilities, and even around the world!



  • Available from 1.33″ to 6″ O. D. sample platens.
  • Easy, forgiving transfer operation.
  • Fast, thermal response and greater extremes.
  • Larger samples may be introduced through smaller
  • I. D. plumbing.
  • Wide range of sample sizes.
  • Excellent sample plane repeatability.
  • Adapts to most goniometers and precision gearboxes.
  • Excellent performance for direct cooling.
  • Transferable thermocouple, optional.
  • Transferable intrinsic direct heating.

/TTC Transferable Thermocouple

  • Modifies STLCP sample platen and STLCD sample dock
  • Allows thermocouples to be placed on sample face
  • 1.3″ O. D. minimum
  • Adds second ramped locking ring with:
  • Electrical contact ramps for thermocouple
  • Electrically-isolated sample ramps
  • Stainless steel construction
  • CHROMEL®/ALUMEL® materials for type K thermocouples

/LR High Thermal Performance Platen

  • Rapid heating (18° per second) and cooling to -172° C

/HRD Intrinsic Resistive Heater – Transferable

  • Modifies STLCP sample platen and STLCD sample dock
  • Adds second ramped locking ring with:
  • 3 electrical power connections
  • Electrical contact ramps for heater connection
  • Electrically-isolated contact ramps
  • Electrically-isolated sample
  • Molybdenum platen construction

Transfer Fork

The transfer fork moves the sample platen from one chamber to another or transports a platen to and from a storage carousel. Transfer forks can be either axial or radial depending on the application. A complete line of linear and rotary feedthroughs are available to meet the most demanding specifications.


Radially-Mounted Sample Forks

  • Holds two STLCP-1 sample platens
  • 2 sample forks back-to-back
  • 3 spring docking fingers
  • Sample face parallel to axis of linear translator
  • Mounts to linear feedthrough


Four Radially-Mounted Forks

  • Holds three STLCP-1 sample platens
  • 4 sample forks radially-mounted together
  • Sample face parallel to axis of linear translator
  • 3/8″ mounting shaft
  • Mounts to rotary feedthrough
  • Stainless steel construction