Auto Indexers

Themionics offers Auto Indexing solutions for our linear and rotary e-Guns™.  

Linear Auto Indexer - Available in 3 - 10 pocket (crucible) models allowing the sequencing of pocket utilization in either manual or auto-sequenced modes.  Pictured to the right, is our 5 pocket model.

Indexer Controller

Rotary Auto Indexer - pictured to the right, is used to rotate up-to 8 electron beam sources through a rotary vacuum feedthrough.  It consists of a controller, motor drive, mounting bracket, and interconnecting cable. Configuration is flexible to adapt to your specific system and process.

CL-100 Rotary Indexer-cleaned

Our rotary indexer is compatible with virtually all rotary e-Gun™ sources.  From the front panel, you can control your process with ease:

  • Indicate selected pocket, or sweep speed if
    on a banana
  • Select control from the front panel, or through
    external I/O
  • Move indexer clockwise or counter-clockwise
  • Move indexer to next pocket, or jogs in 1.8° steps
  • Calibrate position or set speed
  • Indicate selected pocket
  • Indicate indexer is positioned at a valid pocket
  • Indicate indexer is moving

System Configuration Software (rotary only, as pictured) allows for easy customizing of your configuration with
the simple Windows®-based software included.

CL-100 Rotary Indexer - Software UI

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