XYZ Manipulators

EC series XYZ manipulators accommodate 1.39″ and 1.87″ I.D. bellows, up-to 6″ stroke and up to 10 pounds of payload capacity.

EMC series XYZ manipulators accommodate 1.39″, 1.87″, and 2.53″ I.D. bellows, up-to 36″ stroke and up to 25 pounds of payload capacity.

EMX series XYZ manipulators accommodate 2.53″ and 4.00″ I.D. bellows, up-to 36″ stroke and up to 65 pounds of payload capacity.

The FM series XYZ compound precision manipulators utilize two bellows – a large I.D. short bellows to provide the XY motion and a smaller I.D. bellows for Z axis travel – providing considerable savings over single large I.D. bellows systems.

FB series XYZ manipulators provide large I.D. bellows and the mechanical strength required for significant payloads. Bellows I.D.s of 3″ and 4″ are standard, with inside diameters to 6.3″ I.D. optional.

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