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RCRF Series 3 kW Rod-Fed e-Gun

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RCRF Series 3 kW Rod-Fed e-Gun

The 3 kW RCRF Series rod-fed e-Gun uses evaporant source material in the form of a rod up to 3/8″ in diameter, which is fed continuously into the crucible using an external linear feedthrough. Film thickness may be controlled using a rate monitor and are available mounted on various flanges.

UHV Compatible

Metal-sealed, fully UHV compatible, measured base pressure: 2 x 10-11 Torr.

Mounting and Configurations

  • The 3 kW rod-fed e-Gun may be mounted and operated in any orientation, including upside down (which is material dependent)
  • The rod-fed e-Gun shown in the photo can fit through a 2.5″ O.D. tube
  • An optional cryoshroud to surround the e-Gun is available
  • Multiple rod-fed e-Guns can be mounted side-by-side
  • Custom designs are available, please consult the factory

Knudsen Cell Replacement

e-Guns can evaporate difficult materials, ie.: carbon, niobium, and silicon.

A rod-fed e-Gun, complete with all the necessary utility and mechanical feedthroughs, installed on a 4.5″ O.D. ConFlat mounting flange, is available as a direct replacement for existing Knudsen cell furnaces on Varian/Intevac, Perkin-Elmer, Riber, EPI and VG systems.

Please call to discuss your specific application requirements.


 Feature  Specification
Operating Pressure Below 5 x 10-5 Torr is desirable for best operation; fully UHV compatible design
Beam Voltage 4,000 V
Beam Current 0–750 mA
continuously variable
Maximum Power 3 kW @ 4 kV
Cooling Water 1/2 gpm
Maximum Bakeout
230°C (446°F)
Two 7 kV 50 A
Crucible Volume 1/4″ or 3/8″ diameter rod
e-Gun Size 2.25″ diameter x 2.95″ L

Mounting Configurations

Each e-Gun is available in three standard mounting configurations:

  • e-Gun mounted on a PyraFlat or ConFlat metal-seal type flange, which uses a standard OFE copper gasket
  • e-Gun with a 1″ diameter bolt-type mount, which mounts through a 1″ diameter hole, and is sealed by a compression O-ring
  • e-Gun alone with no mounting flange

Please specify the mounting configuration at the time the order is placed; the costs may not include the bolt-type or flange-type mount.

Other mounting flanges, configurations and geometries are routinely supplied, please call the factory for further information.

Ordering Information

Model No. Description
RCRF0325 Rod-fed e-Gun only
RCRF0325/SK Rod-fed e-Gun with all utility, electrical and mechanical feedthroughs


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Classic e-Gun Manual:

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Additional information

Crucible Volume (Diameter Rod)

1/4", 3/8"


Introduction The Thermionics Laboratory e-GunTM, an electron beam evaporation source, is used to produce uniform high-purity films and optical coatings. The compact design and ease of maintenance make it useful in practically all vacuum systems and for many varied applications. It has been used to evaporate refractory and dielectric materials, as well as the more common conductive and semi-conductor

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Evaporating Aluminum in an e-Gun™ source

Application Note: Evaporating Aluminum in an e-Gun™ source Aluminum (Al) is highly reactive when molten. Al will react with all liner materials. Al also getters Oxygen to form oxide layers if any oxygen is present during deposition. Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3) has a much higher melting point and vapor pressure when compared to Al (2,045C M.P., 1550C V.P. for Al2O3

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Evaporating Gold in an e-Gun™ source

Application Note: Evaporating Gold (Au) in an e-Gun™ source For Gold, the best liners are Coated Graphite and Intermetallic (Ti doped BN). You should not sweep during coating. You can sweep during material conditioning, but once the material is fully melted, just place the beam in the center of the pocket. This will give the best stability. You can

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Evaporation Table

NAME SYMBOL MELTING POINT 0˚C DENSITY g/cc 10^-8 TORR 10^-6 TORR 10^-4 TORR LINER NOTES N=INDEX OF REFRACTION Aluminum Al 660 2.70 677 821 1010 BN, CG Alloys and wets May fill volume 70%  (1) Aluminum Carbide Al4C3 1400 2.36  800 N=2.7 (3) Aluminum Floride AlF3 1257 Subl. 3.07 410 Subl. 490 Subl. 700 Subl. G, W, MO N=1.38

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Ground System for e-Guns™

The ground system is a very important aspect of the installation of the electron beam equipment. The vacuum tank and the power supply must be connected to a good earth ground. Under normal conditions, a good earth ground will consist of a ¾ inch diameter copper-clad rod driven into the floor at the vacuum tank location. It should be

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