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e-Gun Deposition System

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e-Gun Deposition System

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This System Contains All of The Following:

Item No.
C/S-1000 x 675 1 Custom/Special 10″ CF flange to 6.75″ O.D. CF flange zero length reducing flange:

*(4.00″ I.D. thru bore)

*Electropolish finish

*Engineering and Design

111368-140119 4 Custom/special 40cc Mo (min. purity of 99.95%) crucible liner for
111368-1409578 2 Custom/special 40cc Mo (min. purity of 99.95%) crucible liner for
C/S-EL-400 1 Custom/Special 90° pumping elbow:

*2X 6″ O.D. rotatable CF flanges, thru holes

*2X 2.75″ O.D. CF flanges, thru holes

*Electropolish finish

*Engineering and Design

C/S-DEP-FRM 1 Custom/Special deposition frame:

*304 SST construction

*Corrosion-Resistant Caster Swivel with 3″ Diameter Polyurethane Wheel

*Swivel Leveling Mount Corrosion-Resistant, 303 Stainless Steel

*Removable electronics rack

*SST sheet metal bottom shelf

*Electropolish finish

*Engineering and Design

C/S-DEP-CHBR-10 1 Custom/Special Deposition Chamber:

*10″ O.D. chamber body

*Electropolish finish

*Engineering and Design

VRS-275 1 Viewport shutter, manually actuated 2.75″ CF double sided flange Shutter covers > 80% of standard viewport
ZPV-150 1 Zero Length Glass Viewport:

*1-1/2 inch

*2-3/4 inch CF Flange

*7056 glass

QAD-800-T 1 Quick Access door, welds to 6″ O.D. tube 8″ O.D. door captured Viton™ gasket with gasket pumpout swing-away clamp design

with hand operated knob.

TLG4000-100-21(600400)-1200 1 Gate Valve, 4″ I.D. x 6″ O.D. CF port flanges, metal seal bonnet,

manual actuator

PS-PACKAGE 1 Pumping Stack Package:


-Pfeiffer Turbo HiPace 300 Package DN 100 CF-F:

*Mains cable; connection cable; air cooling; USB stick (software TurboViewer)


-Protection screen for DN 100 CF-F


-HiScroll 6 Oilfree Scroll-Vakuumpump DN 25 ISO-KF:

*100-240V, 50/60Hz, 1-ph

*Dry and oil-free scroll vacuum pump

*Pumping speed: 6.1 m³ / h

*Ultimate pressure without gas ballast: 3 x 10e-2 hPa

*Ultimate pressure with gas ballast stage 1: 7 x 10e-2 hPa

*Ultimate pressure with gas ballast stage 1: 4 x 10e-1 hPa

*Best for use in quiet environments such as in the laboratory

*Low vibrations and compact design

*Low operating costs thanks to the highest quality, short maintenance times and long maintenance intervals

*Connection flange (inlet): DN 25 ISO-KF

*Connection flange (outlet): DN 25 ISO-KF

*Mains connection: World voltage 50 / 60Hz: 100 – 240 V + – 10%

*Industry 4.0 capable: Operation with other intelligent products such as turbopumps via RS-485

*Safe operation with built-in check valve

*Performance as required: stable pumping speed and short cycle times

*Sustainable: 15% higher efficiency of the drive system, less heat generation and less cooling demand

*BC800 drive electronics

*Active intelligent air cooling

*Level 1 gas ballast: 8,000 sccm

*Level 2 gas ballast: 11,000 sccm

*Noise level: <48dB (A)

*Leakage rate: <5 x 10e-7 Pa m³ / h


-Digital Pirani Cold Cathode gauge DN 40 CF-F:

*Measurement range: 5E-9 – 1E3 hPa

*Accuracy: 100 – 1000 hPa: ± 50 %

*Accuracy: 10 – 100 hPa: ± 30 %

*Accuracy: 2 · 10-3 – 10 hPa: ± 10 %

*Accuracy: 1 · 10-8 – 2 · 10-3 hPa: ± 25 %

*Repeatability: 1 · 10-2 – 10 hPa: ± 2 %

*Repeatability: 1 · 10-8 – 1 · 10-2 hPa: ± 7 %

*Supply: Voltage: 24 V DC

*Interfaces: RS-485

*High protection level for industrial applications

*Seal: Metal


-DigiLine Display and control unit for two digital gauges 95-265 V AC, 50/60 Hz:

*LCD graphic display with backlight

*Gauge connector: RS-485 / Pfeiffer protocol

*M12, 5pole female with 24 V DC power supply

*two configurable relay set points

*Can be used as table top or as rack mount unit

*Interface cable M12m / M12m length: 3 m


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