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Titanium Sublimation

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Titanium Sublimation

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Titanium Sublimation Pumps

Titanium Sublimation Pumps (TSPs) are used to pump chemically reactive, getterable gases. Titanium is effective, easily sublimed, and inexpensive.
TSPs have high pumping speeds. At pressures below 10-6 Torr, pumping speed is dependent upon available surface area for condensation. Pumping speed is increased by cooling the substrate surfaces with water or liquid nitrogen.
The filaments of the titanium sublimation pump are 85% titanium and 15% molybdenum, a combination which prevents premature filament “burnout.”

Ordering Information:

Model No.

Mounting Flange


3.38″ mounting flange


2.75″ mounting flange



Bakeable adapter
with Amphenol female
MS connector and bakeable


12 spiral filaments
Material: 85% Ti, 15% Mo
Length: 8-5/8″ before coiling;
4-5/8″ coiled
Weight: 3.6 grams/filament
Usable Ti: 1.5 grams/filament
(package includes 12 filaments)

PS-500 Sublimator Power Supply

Specify if used with sublimator with 2.75″ or 3.38″ flange. Example: PS-500/275 or PS-500/338.

Specifications for PS-500

Physical Electrical Input1 Electrical Output2 Timer Range Display
Rack Size—19″
Chassis Dimensions—
8-3/4″ x 17″ x 12″
Ship weight—50 lbs
AC cord—15 feet with plug
115 VAC
60 Hz
Voltage—12 VAC
Max. current—50 A
Selector switch for
4 filaments
2 to 120 min
4 to 120 sec
Analog meter,
current 75 A
1 230/208 VAC and/or 50 Hz available as special order. Please specify on order.     
With SB-1001 spiral filaments.

Liquid Nitrogen Shroud for Use with TSP

High speed LN2 cooled cryoshroud. Full flood design keeps all surfaces at LN2 temperature. Readily removable for maintenance purposes. All stainless steel construction.

Model SS400/275

with 8″ O.D. main flange and
2.75″ mounting flange


Model SS400/338

with 8″ O.D. main flange and
3.38″ mounting flange