Sample Mounting & Transfer

Thermionics SMR sample mounts, SPF Series Dual Groove Disc System and patented STLC sample transfer system provides researchers and experimenters with versatility not found in other sample handling systems.

Sample Heating

Thermionics offers a variety of heating options to fit your application. A selection of UHV (Ultra High Vacuum) and oxygen or chemical vapor environment heaters can be adapted to the SMR sample mount.

Sample Cooling

Thermionics offers options for the two basic methods of cooling samples using LN2 for vacuum applications, direct cooling and indirect cooling.

Goniometers & Gearboxes

All goniometer and precision gearboxes are suitable for UHV use, they are manufactured with stainless steel construction, anti-backlash spring-loaded gearing and can be fitted with heating, cooling and sample transfer options.

PLD Components

Thermionics offers an extensive line of substrate and target manipulators as well as load lock and sample transfer systems for PLD systems. Our standard modular components can be configured in a variety of ways to meet your specific PLD system design.

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