HC Series 6kW Rod-Fed e-Gun™

Evaporation Source
Series: HC

High Capacity electron beam evaporation source

Evaporation Source
Series: HC

6kW Rod-Fed e-Gun™

High Capacity electron beam evaporation source:

Thermionics introduces 6 kW Rod-Fed e-Gun for better coating performance. The design protects the emitter from damage and shorting during installation and service. The improved water-cooling system enhances heat transfer, which increases rate stability and prevents damage to the e-beam source.


  • 6kW e-Gun source
  • 8″ O.D. CF
  • 1″ O.D. Rod-fed material for continuous evaporation, manual or motorized
  • Completely shielded emitter
  • Fully UHV compatible


Operating pressure Below 5 x 10-5 Torr is desirable for best operation
Beam voltage 6kV to 10kV
Beam current 0-750 mA continuously variable
Maximum power 6kW
Cooling water 1 gpm
Pressure differential 25 psi minimum
Maximum bakeout temperature 230°C
Crucible volume 1″ diameter rod; 6″ standard length
e-Gun size 1″ diameter x 6″ height


Ordering Information

Model Number
Rod-Fed e-Gun only


Rod-Fed e-gun with all utility, electrical and mechanical feedthroughs mounted on a 8″ diameter CF type flange