HCF Series 6 kW+ Single Crucible e-Gun™

Evaporation Source
Series: HCF

Single crucible all metal-sealed high-capacity e-Gun™.  Available in three standard mounting configurations: PyraFlat or CF type flanges, a 1″ diameter bolt-type mount, or with no mounting flange.

Evaporation Source
Series: HCF

HCF Series 6 kW+ e-Guns™

The HCF series e-Gun™ is a single crucible all metal-sealed high-capacity e-Gun.  Available in three standard mounting configurations: PyraFlat or CF type flanges, a 1″ diameter bolt-type mount, or with no mounting flange.

270° Beam Deflection

The high capacity series of e-Guns incorporates a proven 270° electron beam deflection system. The filament is hidden below and out of the line-of-sight of the crucible. This prevents ion erosion and provides maximum protection from shorting caused by stray particles or condensate.

Long Life Emitter Assembly

The 270° electron beam deflection design has been enhanced with a new and improved emitter assembly.

Easy Filament Replacement

The emitter assembly design makes removal or replacement of the filament fast and easy. A filament alignment tool maintains critical filament tolerances, allowing quick and accurate filament replacement.

Permanent Magnet Beam Positioning

Primary beam position is controlled by a permanent magnet. Electromagnets are used for precise positioning and beam sweep.

UHV Compatible

Metal-sealed, fully UHV compatible, measured base pressure: 2 x 10-11 Torr.


Feature Specifications
Maximum Power 10 kW
Emission Voltage -6 to -10 kV
Emission Current 0 to 1 A
Filament 700 W
E-Beam Deflection 270°
Beam Spot Size .25″ diameter, tight beam
Evaporation Rate 1 gram/min @ 10 kW, 36,000 Å/min Al @ 10″ (250 mm) source-to-substrate distance
X and Y Sweep Longitudinal and lateral control up to 200 Hz when operated with Thermionics sweep controller
Water 3 gpm, 20°C, 50 psi pressure differential
Crucible Material OFE copper
Bakeout Temperature 230°C (446°F)

Mounting Configurations

Each e-Gun is available in three standard mounting configurations:

  1. e-Gun mounted on a PyraFlat or ConFlat metal-seal type flange, which uses a standard OFE copper gasket
  2. e-Gun with a 1″ diameter bolt-type mount, which mounts through a 1″ diameter hole, and is sealed by a compression O-ring
  3. e-Gun alone with no mounting flange

Please specify the mounting configuration at the time the order is placed; the costs may not include the bolt-type or flange-type mount.

Other mounting flanges, configurations and geometries are routinely supplied, please call the factory for further information.

Ordering Information

Model No. Description
HCF1007 7 cc single crucible
HCF1015 15 cc single crucible
HCF1025 25 cc single crucible
HCF1040 40 cc single crucible



Model No. Description
112128-SD Standard
112128-HD Heavy-duty
112128-DE Dual filament


Model No. Description
HC/ERK-SD Standard
HC/ERK-HD Heavy-duty
HC/ERK-DE Dual filament



HCF Series 6kW_7cc_Single_Crucible eGun

HCF Series 6kW_15cc_Single_Crucible eGun

HCF Series 6kW_25cc_Single_Crucible eGun

HCF Series 6kW_40cc_Single_Crucible eGun



HCF Series 6kW_7cc_Single_Crucible eGun Drawing

HCF Series 6kW_15cc_Single_Crucible eGun Drawing

HCF Series 6kW_25cc_Single_Crucible eGun Drawing

HCF Series 6kW_40cc_Single_Crucible eGun Drawing