Magnetically-Coupled Drive Rotary Feedthroughs

The rare earth magnetic series single and dual rotary drives are designed as an option to conventional bellows-sealed and other rotary devices.  They can be adapted to PLD target clocking and continuous rotation of targets and substrates, as well as applications which require small profiles and high performance.  There are no sliding seals or magnets in vacuum and stray magnetic fields are virtually nonexistent.  The in-vacuum armature is made of paramagnetic materials with stainless steel and silicon nitride bearings and is capable of repeated bake-out to 200°C (with magnets removed). Out-of-vacuum bearings are accessible for lubrication and the magnet drive is easily removable.



  • 3/8″ rotating probe
  • 2.75″ O.D. mounting flange
  • Manual drive knob with position lock
  • 4,000,000 revolutions before internal bearing service
  • Maximum bakeout temperature: 200°C (magnetic drive removed)
  • Mechanical torque limit: 150 oz/in
  • Maximum speed: 500 rpm
  • Removable neodynium iron boron magnetic drive for bake-out

Stepper Motor Drive
Applications: precise positioning, positioning multiple axes at one time, computer-controlled actuation

  • 200 steps per revolution
  • 50 oz-in holding torque (higher torque motors available)
  • Maximum speed 300 rpm
  • Low inertia design
  • Manual knob
  • Motor controller sold separately

Synchronous Motor Drive
Applications: coarse positioning, continuous rotation

  • Single speed, 72 rpm
  • 2 directions
  • 50 oz-in holding torque (higher torque motors available)
  • Low inertia design
  • Manual knob
  • Motor controller sold separately

Speed Control Motor Drive

Applications: continuous rotation with variable speed, no position feedback

  • Variable speed
  • Switchable direction
  • 5 – 95 RPM with 50 oz-in torque
  • Options:
    Higher torque motors
    Different speed ranges
  • Includes Controller
  • FRMRE-275-38/SCC Pictured

Dual Axis Rotary Feedthrough, FRRMRE-275-38/SCC
(model shown here with manually operated outer shaft and
optional /SCC motor driven inner shaft)


Additional Information

Mounting-Flange   275
Probe-O   0.375
Options   CL, TM, MS, SCC