Hanks HM2 Rotary Pocket e-Gun™

Evaporation Source

Series: Hanks

Evaporation Source

Series: Hanks

Hanks HM2 Rotary Pocket e-Gun™

Rotary, Multiple Crucible e-Gun™

Model Number


Crucible No.

Crucible Volume

R0607-4 6 kW 4 7cc
R0610-4 6 kW 4 10cc
R0615-4 6 kW 4 15cc
R1010-4 10 kW 4 10cc
R1015-4 10 kW 4 15cc
R1025-4 10 kW 4 25cc


Modular Magnets

The unique modular magnet concept is incorporated in the rotary pocket Hanks HM2 e-Gun™ design. This concept makes possible a very compact unit (see outline drawing). All of the Hanks HM2 unique features are incorporated in this model.


Hyper-Unimelt Sweep (Optimum Control on Low or High Rates)

High frequency sweep (0-200 Hz) provides the user with total flexibility in the operation of the e-Gun™. By a twist of the knobs on the X-Y sweep controller, the beam can be varied in size to suit the material being evaporated. This is very beneficial for optical coatings and other materials, where beam size plays an important role in optimum control from 1-2 Å to very high deposition rates.


Power Output

6 kW 10 kW
7.5 kV 10 kV
0 to 800 mA 0 to 1.0 A

Crucible Volume

7/10/15 cc 7/10/15/25 cc


12 VAC 60A

Electron Beam

270˚ deflection

Evaporation Rates

1 gm/min at 10 kW

3.6 microns at 25 cm

Beam Spot Size

.25” circular (approximate) (beam can be adjusted and located electrically with beam sweep controller)


OFE copper

Bakeout Temperature

120˚C (250˚F)


3.0 gpm (filtered) at 70 psi

Minimum Water Tube Size

3/8” dia (6/10 kW)

Pressure Differential

50 psi minimum

X and Y Sweep

Hyper-Unimelt sweep (0 to above 200 Hz)