SMR Sample Mounts

SMR Sample Mounts

Thermionics sample mounts provide platen-based support for customer samples, interfacing with the supporting structures (rod, gearbox, etc.) as well as heating and cooling options, providing mechanical support for the sample.  All standard sample mounts provide the following:

  • Removable platen
  • Clip sample restraint
  • Electrically-isolated platen

SMR-1 Sample Mount

  • 3/8″ shaft or gearbox mounting
  • “0” sample face offset to 4″ offset, per customer requirements
  • Sample orientation per customer requirements
  • 1″ diameter sample area, 1.4″ diameter sample plate
  • Clip sample mount
  • Removable sample plate, electrically-isolated

*** SMR shown with 1″ sample heater, LN2 cooling, electrical isolation and GB-7 gearbox